There are no Toll-roads in Bulgaria but if you are driving outside build-up areas (towns,villages), you should buy a vignette (In Bulgarian vinetka / винетка ).

Vignette in Bulgaria
Prices of Bulgarian vignettes for 2014

There are 3 vignette categories: K1, K2 and K3

Most cars (number of seats up to 9, including the driver and vehicles with gross weight of no more than 3.5 tonnes) need a vignettes from  
K3 Category. 

Prices for this category in 2014 are:
  • annual  vignette : 67 Bulgarian Levs (about 34 EUR)
  • monthly vignette: 25 Bulgarian Levs (about 13 EUR)
  • weekly vignette: 10 Bulgarian Levs (about 5 EUR)
The annual vignette is valid for the whole current year (from 01st January 2014 till 31th January 2015). You can not punch another starting date and get a vignette starting from another date. There is a 1-month allowance to use the vignette from the previous year till the end of January from the current year.

Monthly and weekly vignettes start their validity from the date punched on the sticker. You can get a vignette and ask the shop attendant to punch your desired start date. This can be different date from the date of purchase. Make sure you have the correct starting date punched on the sticker.

Where to buy a vignette?

Vignettes can be obtained by one of the following places:
  • Bulgaria Post offices 
  • "Petrol" petrol stations
  • "Lukoil" petrol stations
  • "OMV" petrol stations
  • "Shell" petrol stations
  • "Rompetrol" petrol stations
  • EasyPay offices
  • Piccadilly supermarkets
  • "Bravo investments" bill desks

How to put your vignette?

Where to put a Bulgarian vignette Vignettes stickers should be taken off from the plastic base and put (using the glue that is on visible side of  the sticker) on the
bottom right (looking from inside the car) corner of the front windscreen of the car. Any expired vignettes should be taken of the window (you could be fined 20 BGN for not doing so). Vignettes that are not glued on the window are not valid. Keep the plastic base and the receipt of the vignette with you in the car.

Fine for driving without a vignette

You will be fined with 300 BGN (about 150 EUR) for driving without a vignette. Rememer that you could be stopped by the traffic police for a routine check even if you have not made any vioaltion of the traffic law.

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