11 September 2013

New Bulgaria-Greece border crossing opened: Makaza - Nimfea

The Makaza-Nimfea border crossing was oficially opened on 09th September 2013


The new crossing is now fully operational for vehciles up to 3.5 tonnes and up to 8+1 seats. The distance from Kardjali (Bulgaria) on National road 5 to Komotini (Greece) is about 80km and now it takes about 1h 30 min to drive between the 2 cities. Police control is shared and it takes minutes to cross the border as it is traffic free at the moment.

The border crossing is also easing the traffic from Haskovo (Bulgaria) and Alexandrupolis (Greece).
DriveBulgaria advises all drivers heading to that area to take advantage of the new crossing as it is much faster than all alternatives and roads are in very good condition.

Have you tried this new route and border crossing with Greece? 
Please share your toughts and comments below.

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