17 August 2011

Apollonia Festival of Arts - Sozopol, Bulgaria

Apollonia Festival of Art

Sozopol, Bulgaria
27th August – 5th September 2011

Since 1984, when the first Apollonia Festival of Arts was organized, the event has always been held in the ancient seaside city of Sozopol – an atmospheric place with plenty of cultural sights to see.

Apollonia is a festival of all arts: from music, through theatre, dance and plastic art to literature and poetry, cinema. It aims to preserve and present to the audience the unique Bulgarian culture as well as to show the newest achievements and artistic interpretations of many Bulgarian and foreign artists.

Throughout the festival, over 30 concerts will be staged on different venues, all of which significant places among the city of Sozopol.

Some of the best concerts during the festival are going to be staged in the UBB /United Bulgarian Bank/ club in Sozopol. Furthermore, some of the best contemporary productions of the Bulgarian cinema such as “Shelter”, “Hunting small predators”, “Lora from morning till evening” and “love.net” will be presented in the Naval club of the city.

Throughout the festival, some great theatre plays of Sofia Drama Theatre and Sozopol Drama Theatre are going to be staged in Otets Paissii Cultural center.
Check the theatre programme for the festival here: http://www.apollonia.bg/en/programme

This year, among the performers, there will be some of the most famous Bulgarian musicians such as Teodosi Spasov and the Sofia Soloists chamber ensable.

It is also worth seeing the famous jazz singer Camelia Todorova and J.P.3. band, together with the Bulgarian National Radio Big Bend, Ivo Papazov and the Trakia orchestra.
The bands Zone C, Acoustic Version and Ahat will also contribute to the incredible atmosphere during the festival.

There are also going to be guest stars: the world famous saxophonist Chico Freeman (USA), the Fritz Pauer Trio (Austria), the trumpeter Tom Harrell (USA) and the pianist Paul Hefner & Tara Nova (USA).

Un-doubtlessly, one the most interesting shows during the Apollonia festival will be the duet of the American guitarists with Serbian origins Dusan Bogdanovic and the legendary Bulgarian musician Milcho Leviev.

Check out below the highlights of the programme for the event:

27th August: 18:00h, Art gallery:
Exhibitions opening of many Bulgarian artists and The Archive of the Planet – autochrome plates of Albert Kahn

20:30h, Amphitheatre Apollonia:
Opening night concert: Bulgarian National Radio Big Band, conducted by Antoni Donchev and soloist Tom Harrell (USA) – trumpet.

28th August: 21:00h, Amphitheatre Apollonia:
Concert of the Bulgarian rock band Ahat

23:00h, UBB club:
Chico Freeman and the Fritz Pauer Trio. The great soprano and tenor sax of Chico Freeman and the talented austrian trio Fritz Pauer (piano), Hans Strasser (bass) and Joris Dudli (drums) are very impressive with their harmonic melodies.

29th August: 19:00h, Archeological museum:
Vivi Vasileva & Christian Deberlain(Germany) - percussion show

21:00h, Amphitheatre Apollonia:
Poli Genova & Dani Milev’s band, guest star: Lyubo Kirov. Poli Genova has become famous mostly for her participation in EuroVrision 2011 where she represented Bulgaria with her newest song “Na inat”

23:00h, UBB club:
Camelia Todorova & J.P.3.

30th August: 20:00h, Art Gallery:
Premiere: Theatre on table, Jean-Luc Lagarce: The end of the world, directed by Staiko Murdzev

21:00h, Amphitheatre Apollonia:
Ivo Papazov and Trakia Orchestra. Ivo Papazov, called also “Ibryama”, is a famous clarinet musician not only here, in Bulgaria, but on the world stage as well. Working with the famous American producer Joe Boyd, he turns the incredible Bulgarian folk music into jazz-fenomenon.

23:00h, UBB club:
Acoustic Version band

31st August: 21:00h, Amphitheatre Apollonia:
Vlatko Stefanovski Trio (Macedonia)

23:00h, UBB club:
Tan GoGo. This is the first Bulgarian band to play Argentinean tango. The young members are all filled with enthusiasm and creative ideas and the fans of the genre are all going to be very pleased with the variety of the band’s repertoire.

1st September: 19:00h, Archeological museum:

Marie-Denise Heinen (Germany) – violin & Rada Chomakova – piano

21:00h, Amphitheatre Apollonia:
Grafa. Vlady Ampov, with his artistic name “Grafa”, is one of the most popular pop singers in Bulgaria. His songs are instantly becoming №1 not only in the Bulgarian music charts, but in MTV charts as well.

23:00h, UBB club:
Zone C band. The band gains fast popularity among the jazz fans with its talented and unordinary interesting.

2nd September: 19:00h, Archeological museum:

Philip Ivanov (Belgium) – piano

21:00h, Amphitheatre Apollonia:
Maria Ilieva (famous Bualgarian pop singer)

23:00h, UBB club:
Tara Nova (USA) & Paul Hefner (USA) – piano, Boris Taslev and Mitko Dimitrov.

3rd September: 19:00h, Archeological museum:
Concert of the Bulgarian National Radio Brass Quintet

21:00h, Amphitheatre Apollonia:
Vasil Petrov – The pop project. He’s a well known pop and jazz singer, people call him “the Bulgarian Frank Sinatra”.

23:00h, UBB club:
Concert: Alexander Vladigerov – trumpet, Konstantin Vladigerov – piano, Stoyan Yankulov – drums and Huan Garsia (Columbia) – bass.

4th September: 19:00h, Archeological museum:
Musical saloon in memory of Polin Viardo featuring: Ina Kuncheva,Miroslava Yordanova, Julian Smith and Vesela Kazakova

20:00h, Art gallery:
Premiere - Theatre on table: Edward Albee’s “Occupant”

21:00h, Amphitheatre Apollonia:
Sofia Soloists chamber ansamble, conducted by Plamen Jurov & soloist Teodosi Spasov.

23:00h, UBB club:
Dusan Bogdanovic (USA) – guitar & Milcho Leviev – piano

5th September: 19:00h, Archeological museum:
Concert of the violinists form Mincho Minchev’s Master class

21:00h, Amphitheatre Apollonia:
Mihail Yosifov sextet & Santimental Swingers. The three girls from Santimental Swingers – Vera, Desi and Roni, make you dance on the jazz rhythms of the 30s, 40s and 50s.

23:00h, UBB club:
Rick Margitza (USA) – sax, Ricardo Del Fra (Italia) – bass, Milcho Leviev – piano & Stoyan Yankulov – drums. Rick Margitza, great tenor and soprano saxophonist, is one of the most respected musicians of his generation. Together with the multi-talented “jazz, but not just jazz” musician Ricardo Del Fra and the two Bulgarian performers, the amazing show is more than guaranteed.

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