28 August 2013

New motorways opened in Bulgaria - summer 2013

Good news for motorists in Bulgaria: 

Trakia Motorway A1 now fully opened

  • Trakia motorway A1 is now fully opened. Last section of the route from Sofia to Burgas was opened on 15th July 2013 finishing a 40-year-old contruction of the motorway. Drivers can now get in about 4 hours from Bulgaria's capital to the Black Sea coast. Distance is 360km. 

DriveBulgaria.com TIP: Drive with care in the section between Sofia and Plovdiv. The road is quite bumpy as some points and we advise drivers to drive with lower speed, up to 110 - 120 km/h.

  • Struma motorway A3 : another 14 km from Dolna Dikanya to Dupnitsa North were opened on 22nd July 2013 making currently a total of 33km opened from this motorway. Speed limit was increased to 120 km/h on the whole section. Actually if coming from Sofia on the Lulin A6 motorway, after the exit to Pernik and Sofia South Ring the route continues on Struma motorway A3. 

DriveBulgaria.com TIP: As the route naturally continies from Lulin A6 to Struma A3 motorway driving in direction from Sofia to Kulata, beware that speed limit is 140 km/h on the Lulin motorway A6 and 120 km/h on the Struma motorway A3.

  • Hemus motorway A2 : new 8 km section was opened on the entrance/exit of Sofia. The new section eases the traffic at this traditional traffic jam spot.

DriveBulgaria.com TIP:  When driving in direction to Sofia, beware of speed limits. A very common speed - trap by traffic police

Information source: Bulgarian Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works through Road Infrastucture Agency;

Disclaimer: DriveBulgaria.com is not responsible for the information posted on the site and its accuracy!

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